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What I wish I had brought to University

Hi all!

I am just finishing up my first year at University and as a student who truly lived the dorm-style, roommate-life I have compiled a list of items throughout the year that I wish I had packed. I hope this list helps all of you students heading to University because I sure wish I had it! I have added the links to where you can find these items as well. Just click on the blue bolded text to find out what I would suggest buying as a student. P.S I have used all the item links from Amazon because as a student you get a discount for Amazon prime! This means if you don’t have room to pack these items, you can simply get them shipped right to your dorm room in 2 days! (Trust me every student in College/University lives off of Amazon Prime) Thus, without further ado, from one student to another here is my complete list of things I wish I had brought with me to University:

$29 Drying Rack –> Even if they have a dryer in University, trust me, you still need a drying rack. What if the dryer does a horrible job at drying your clothes? What if its raining outside and your pants are soaking wet? What about the towels you use to shower? Remember, you don’t have

coat hooks in those dorm rooms! Click on the link to see the one that my roommate and I had bought.

Electric Blanket-> This is more so for if you get very cold easily like me. I had a randomly chosen roommate to live with, and even though we kept the room at a moderate temperature, I would have liked having a heated blanket for the times I just want to be nice and cozy and not blast the heat on my roommate.

$17.99 Essential Oil Diffuser –> If you aren’t using Young Livings essential oils yet then first off- whhaat are you doing? No, but seriously, trust me you will need these in University. A diffuser is so nice to have in University! I use it every night and my roommate loves it. You can diffuse oils to help you sleep, study, wake up, and even for stress. Plus it can also double as a nightlight. Bonus! Click on the one that I have provided that has 8 different colour modes!

$19.99 Slippers–> I forgot mine during my first year. You need these for simple trips to the washroom at night or walking around Rez. Check out these cute ones that you can order off Amazon!

$8.99 Eye Mask–> In case you want to take naps during the day and your roommate is in the room.

$6.16 Earplugs–> For when you want to study in your room or for when you just need some quiet time. Residences can also just get loud if people are listening to music at night as well, so they can come in handy.

$13.99 Mugs, $7.47 Plastic Containers, $8.45 Bowls, $6.50 Plates, and $14.95 Cutlery–> When I came to University I thought that I wouldn’t need any of this because I’m on a meal plan. However, don’t be fooled- what about tea and coffee? Leftovers? Oatmeal? When you order takeout? Just pack one of each to be safe.

$139 Mini Fridge–> I use my roommate’s mini fridge because she is a kind human, however, if neither you or your roommate have on I strongly suggest getting one because they are very convenient for leftovers, snacks, and drinks.

$14.98 Electric Kettle–> I am a tea addict and it’s just very convenient to have an electric kettle on hand. Plus, you can make oatmeal (a quick snack) with them. Click on the link to order the one that I had during my first year 🙂

$29.99 Printer–> You have no idea how many students in University regret not buying a printer. You often have to pay for paper at school anyways, so in the long run, you will save money and time just buying one. It can be annoying having to go somewhere to print something off, especially if you are in a rush.

$29.99 Straightener–>I honestly completely forgot to pack a straightener because I rarely do my hair, but for special events, it’s nice to have around. Plus, you can learn to use it as a curler too.

…And what I could have left behind:

You do not need:

An ironing board/iron–> Often your school’s laundry rooms will have an ironing board and iron. Plus they take up way too much room and honestly how many students actually use these?

Binders–> Just please use OneNote on your laptop and Quizlet for study notes. You do not need your binders. I never used mine. Not once.


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  1. brings back memories of going away to college! good list!

    1. beuniful says:

      Thank you 🙂

  2. I love this — I think you captured everything needed the first year at uni!
    xx Jen

    1. beuniful says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. My daughter is just finishing up her freshman year and this is a great list! Gonna send it to her, thanks so much for putting it together!

    1. beuniful says:

      No problem! I hope it helps 🙂

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